From Rich

It is 4:17 a.m. on a Saturday morning. The promptings have been pounding me now for over a year. This is a book I have to do. I simply can’t shake it from my system. I find myself fretting over it each time I add a new responsibility to my overfull plate and pondering it in all my quiet moments. It is time to let it out!

Although I do not plan to publish with a big name publisher as I have my prior books, I feel that this will be the most important book I write. And as you will see, it will also be the most fun.

As I have lectured around the world, there are three requests that everyone keeps returning to. These are the topics I get all the questions on. They are the points that people come and want to have deep dialogue, and honestly, this is where my true joy and passion reside. The questions I get asked over and over are:

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Meet the Authors

Rich Christiansen

Richard J Christiansen is a thought leader, parallel entrepreneur, and humanitarian. He has created 42 businesses of which 14 have become multimillion-dollar successes. Each were started with $10K or less of capital. These businesses have ranged from technology, import/export, SEO, lead generation, innovative products, and real estate.

He authored a national best selling book “The Zigzag Principle” and co-authored “Bootstrap Business” where he outlines the lessons he has learned while creating these businesses. He has lectured around the world giving keynotes at Harvard, MIT as well as countless radio and TV shows.

Early in his career he was General Manager of USA Mitsubishi Electric PC Division, Web Services and Novell. He currently serves on the boards CCD, NavSeven , Unconventional Kitchen, and owns Froghair, Golden Zephyr, Custom Dreams LLC and The Storm Group. He is a Principle of Hoodoo Capital and a board advisor to Next Level Practice.

Rich graduated from BYU with a BS in Electronic Engineering and also received his MBA from the Marriott School of Management.

Along with his family, Rich loves to explore and spelunk slot canyons and crest the summits of high mountain peaks. He has stared up the throat of Mt. Everest three times. Long boarding weekly with his two youngest sons and zooming down the ski slopes like a teenager are some of his hobbies. He is a passionate golfer and loves fast, zippy cars with sleek lines.

Cooking is another “art form” for Rich. His family tells him that his cooking innovations are just like his business innovations – “most of the time they are really good but sometimes they taste yucky.”

He and his wife are the parents of five amazing sons as well as a beautiful Sherpa girl that they have raised as their daughter. Rich is passionate about educating youth in third world countries. He builds and lifts the underdogs wherever he goes.

One of Rich’s biggest talents is spotting and finding winners. He has mentored, launched and trained hundreds of young men through the years.

Presently he does business in 14 countries and is a Principle Founder of HooDoo Capital, which is an early stage Venture firm.

Tim Christiansen

Timothy Christiansen is one of the main producers behind The “Teen Parent Challenge,” and is Co-Author to the book “The Truth About Teens”. Tim loves to climb mountains, go canyoneering, and explore the world. He also enjoys reading, making tape sculptures, and eating pineapples. Tim has created several businesses despite his youth, and he firmly believes in the power of the rising generations. He spends his free time hanging out and supporting his good friends.

Tim has been to 21 countries and several world wonders. He loves the different cultures and people of the world. Tim is very passionate about his writing, and really wants to use it to influence the world. He writes about his experiences that traveling has taught him, and short stories from inspiring people. Tim is a good friend, a great writer and an outstanding teen.

Alex Christiansen

Alex Christiansen is thirteen years old, and is the youngest son of Rich Christiansen. He is very intelligent and has always been at the top of his class. He is exceptionally skilled with technology and has been in charge of helping create the web site for the “Teen-Parent Challenge”. School members rely on him to mentor them in their school-work. Alex has traveled throughout the world, and has even climbed up to 18,000 feet in the Himalayas. Teachers throughout the years have trusted Alex, and have loved his understanding and knowledge of places around the world. He loves ultimate frisbee, basketball, soccer, and football. He won his school’s DARE contest and is currently working on his Eagle Scout Award.